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So you want to use the Bunnies & Lions Task?




The Bunnies & Lions Task is a method of subliminal priming that can be used online or offline within any web navigator and on any mobile device. The task is programmed in HTML5, which includes Javascript, JQuery, HTML, and CSS. You can freely use the Bunnies & Lions Task for research purposes only and if you cite the appropriate reference in your work.

The Bunnies & Lions Task in action

Take the demo now and experience the Bunnies & Lions Task (neutral-, hot-, and cold-related primes are used randomly)

Get the html files, Javascripts, and instructions for online and offline use

Current article reference is: Philippe, F. L., & Bernard-Desrosiers, L. (2014). Online subliminal priming methods: Increasing the ecological and external validity of priming studies with the Bunnies & Lions Task. Manuscript submitted for publication.

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Bunnies & Lions Task by Frederick L. Philippe is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.